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Ways to Get Ripped That Actually Work

Losing fat and getting toned is something we all want. It’s not easy but it can definitely be done if you have the right amount of dedication and put the work in.

Luckily there are different ways to go about getting ripped, so if one doesn’t work for you there are other choices out there that will sure help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Let’s cut right to the chase and get started, shall we?

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What are the best ways to get ripped?

You’ve asked and we are going to answer. Here are the some of the best ways to get chiseled.


Use intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has been getting a lot of talk lately as a great way to lose fat and it works. It may not be for everyone but if it fits in to your lifestyle it will get results.

Intermittent fasting is when you alternate intervals of not eating (fasting period) with times where you are allowed to eat. There are different ways of going about it, you can fast for 16 hours and feed for 8 or fast for 20 and feed for 4. You can even fast for 36 hours and feed for 12. There are even more options than that, have a look at What is Intermittent Fasting and How is it Done for a look at all the different ways you can fast and an in depth look at the entire subject.

The reason intermittent fasting works is because fasting puts your body into the most efficient fat burning state possible by activating your fat burning hormones and suppressing your hormones that cause you to gain fat.

Some find it an easier lifestyle and like that they can “pig out” during the feeding times without the guilt.

Intermittent fasting

Use carb cycling

Carb cycling is another way of burning fat the many people have had success with.

To put it simply when you are carb cycling you restrict eating carbohydrates so you don’t get enough energy for your body through eating carbs, this will cause the body to burn fat to make up for this energy you are no longer getting from the carbs.

The problem with this is after a while your body will get accustomed to being on a low carb diet and it will become less effective. This is why you go a few days on the low carb diet then mix in a high carb day here and a medium carb day there so your body can’t get used to just being low carb. This will keep your metabolism high and give you some high carb days where you can eat some of those carb filled foods you love without guilt.

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Use a good finisher

A finished is a short, intense and demanding cardio session at the end of your workout. Some good finishers would be sled pushes, battle ropes, heavy kettlebell swings, burpees, med ball slams and loaded carries. These exercises are sure to get the heart rate up, and keep your metabolism high for the next 12-24 hours after exercise due to the increased oxygen demand that is called EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption). Basically what we are doing here is burning calories long after we are done training.


Use HIIT cardio

HIIT cardio is the premier form of cardio when it comes to burning fat and preserving muscle. An HIIT workout is much shorter than your traditional cardio that would take 45 minutes or so. HIIT cardio generally lasts only 10-20 minutes but is much more intense and has been shown to burn much more fat.

In HIIT cardio what you do is a brief intense exercise like sprinting followed by a period of low intensity exercise like walking. Below are some examples of some tough HIIT cardio workouts.

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Sprint 14 sets of 40-yard dashes, rest interval between sprints is 35 seconds.

*Rest time starts as soon as you cross the 40-yard marker.


100 yard sprints

Run a 100 yard sprint, rest 45 seconds then begin another 100-yard sprint. Continue until you have completed 10 sprints.

*Rest time starts as soon as you cross the 100-yard marker.


Practice fork putdowns and table pushaways

This one is simple and effective if you have the will power. Eat less, don’t over-stuff yourself, put the fork down and slowly back away.

Regardless of what you eat, as long as you take in less calories than you need in order to meet metabolic and physical activity energy requirements, you will lose fat. Some people done fantastic in fat loss simply by eating what they normally eat, but just eat 1/3 less of everything with the exception of green vegetables which are actually negative calorie food items that you can eat as much as you want of. Don’t make your diet more difficult than it needs to be, eat less and have success.


Use a fat burning supplement

Fat burning supplements have come a long way in the last 20 years and are now highly effective. They work by not only increasing your metabolism so you burn fat faster all day long, but they also include an appetite suppressant so you won’t over eat or have cravings.

Not all fat burners are the same though, checkout our article  Top 5 Fat Burners of 2016 for a complete list of the best fat burners and more information about them.


There you have it, the best ways to get ripped. Put in the hard work and good things will happen.


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