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TrenBal vs Testofuel Review

Trenbal vs Testofuel

Today we are going to take a look at 2 of the more popular muscle builders on the market. First, we have TrenBal by Nutribal against Testofuel which is one of the top testosterone boosters.

TrenBal is one of those new steroid alternatives that have been gaining in popular popularity over the last couple years. So, it is not really a really a testosterone booster like Testofuel. It is more of an anabolic supplement said to mimic steroids without the side effects. Let’s take a deeper look at both of these and see how they stack up.


TrenBal Review

Trenbal review

TrenBal is a steroid alternative made by Nutribal. They have a full line-up of “legal steroid alternatives” that they say will get you huge fast just like steroids except they are legal and don’t have any side effects. It sounds too good to be true, so we figured we should see if it is the real deal.

Let’s take a look at what goes into this product.

TrenBal Ingredients

As we look at the active ingredients in TrenBal we find something quite strange. The website says the ingredients are whey protein, BCAA’s and 20-Hydroxyecdysterone. But then at the bottom of the website they have a label for the product and the ingredients are totally different. We will break down the ingredients that actually appear on the label.

These ingredients are:

N-Acetylcysteine 600mg – This modified version of the amino acid cysteine has antioxidant properties that have been shown to reduce muscle soreness, speed up recovery time and boosts nitric oxide. The 600mg dose is on the low end of what is recommended

Magnesium Bisglycinate 120mg – Magnesium is a proven ingredient that has been shown to boost testosterone levels. The 120mg dosing is a bit on the low side with this ingredient as well though.

Zinc Gluconate 10mg – Zinc is another great ingredient when it comes to boosting testosterone. The dosing on this one, as with the last 2 ingredients is a bit low again at 10mg.

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D) 2500iu – Vitamin D is another important ingredient as people with low vitamin D had significantly lower free testosterone. The dosing on this one is also low compared to other products on the market.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 10mg – Vitamin B6 helps your testosterone levels by stimulating androgen receptors to make your testes produce testosterone. This one they use a strong dose of 10mg.

Selenium 200mcg – This ingredient has been shown to help produce healthy sperm and increased fertility. The dose on this one is pretty large and is right at the level that experts say is the most you should take in a day. Too much selenium can cause nerve damage, depression, anxiety, hair loss, nausea and more. This is one to be a bit cautious of.

Overall these ingredients are nothing special and the most effective ingredients that use are under dosed.


There really are not many reviews online at this time aside from people who are affiliated with the product and to no one’s surprise, they say it works great which is hilarious considering the ingredients and dosages in it.


Dosing for TrenBal says to take one dose in the morning with breakfast another with lunch and one with dinner. This seems to be ok if what they are going for is a boost in testosterone but the dosing is still low on key ingredients.


The current price is $56.95. This is for just a 20-day supply which makes it pretty steep. You can save money when buying in bulk though.

TrenBal Overall Analysis

We really aren’t too sure what about this product makes it a steroid alternative. It is basically some BCAA’s and vitamins and minerals most of which is under dosed. Nothing more. They do use some testosterone boosting ingredients but they need to increase the doses on those if they want it to be effective. The fact that it cost $56.95 for a 20-day supply is highway robbery, you would be better off just buying some BCAA’s and a multivitamin supplement and it would cost a fraction of the amount.



Testofuel Review


Next up we have Testofuel. This is one of the more popular testosterone boosters on the market and if you have searched very far for test boosters you have undoubtedly come across it.

Let’s take a deeper look at this product and see how it stack up against TrenBal.

Testofuel Ingredients

Testofuel is loaded with active ingredients. They are:

Zinc 10mg – Zinc is one of the best minerals when it comes to boosting testosterone and nearly all testosterone boosters on the market have a good dose of zinc. While this dose may appear low they also included oyster extract which is also loaded with zinc.

Magnesium 200mg – Magnesium is another solid testosterone boosting ingredient that you can find in many test boosters. The dose on this one is a robust 200mg which is nearly double the amount that TrenBal has in it.

D- Aspartic Acid  2300mg – This ingredient is another solid muscle builder and testosterone booster. The 2300mg dose is very large and is one of the higher doses on the market for testosterone boosters

Oyster Extract 100mg – Oyster extract is loaded with zinc which we have already stated is vital to testosterone production. Oyster extract is also packed with other vitamins and minerals that are important to testosterone production.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100 mg – Ginseng is a well-known natural aphrodisiac that improves libido and sexual function. The dosing on this one is pretty powerful too.

Fenugreek 100mg – Fenugreek is an herb that has been shown to increase sexual performance as well as boosting testosterone production. The 100mg dose is about average

Vitamin D 5000IU – Vitamin D is something many of us get from the sun but unfortunately, we don’t get enough. It is a vitamin that is important to the release of testosterone as well as growth hormone. The dose on this one is a massive 5000IU which are double what TrenBal has in it.

Vitamin K2 18mcg – This vitamin has been shown to help maintain plasma and testes levels of testosterone. It has even been used to treat patient with low testosterone levels.

Vitamin B6 5g – This is another vitamin that helps with testosterone production and regulation. The dosing on this one is about half of the TrenBal dose.

Testofuel Reviews

If you look most anywhere online you will find that nearly every review is positive.


Dosing on Testofuel calls for 4 doses per day which are exactly what you want in a testosterone booster. This is because testosterone levels can drop between doses of they are spread out too far or if there are not enough dosings.


Right now, the price is $65.00 for a 30-day supply of Testofuel. You can also get better deals if you buy more and buying in bulk can also get you nutrition and workout guides.

Testofuel Overall Analysis

Overall Testofuel is loaded with solid testosterone boosting ingredients at high doses to be sure to give your testosterone levels a serious boost. Every ingredient is at or above the recommended levels for them to be effective.

The reviews online are all solid and you really have to search to find anyone who says anything negative about Testofuel.

Pricewise this one is a bit above the average price you can expect to pay for it but it is one of the best on the market and well worth the price. We have it rated as our top muscle building test booster on the market.



TrenBal vs Testofuel: The Verdict

This one is a pretty easy one. Testofuel is the clear winner for its superior ingredients and proper dosing along with its top reviews. There is no doubt it is one of the best testosterone boosters out there.

TrenBal falls short when it comes to ingredients and dosing. It does have some ingredients that could help boost testosterone but most of the dosings on those are pretty low. We also are not sure what makes them call it a “steroid alternative”, seems like it must just be marketing because it is nothing more than BCAA’s along with vitamins and minerals. Nothing that would even come close to mimicking the effects of the steroid Trenbolone as they say it does.


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