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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up Post Workout Muscle Recovery

Muscle soreness is a common side-effect experienced by many, after a hard workout. Those who do not allow muscles to recover and keep training make their condition even worse. This is an essential aspect of training, which if ignored, can increase the risk of chronic soreness in the joints, a drastic drop in  motivation for training, reduction in strength and increase in heart rate. All these enhance the importance of muscle recovery. Are you too one of those who are looking for a way out to muscle soreness? Check out the list below:


Here are the Top 5 Tips to Speed Up Post Workout Recovery

Stretch out those muscles

This simple yet underrated exercise releases muscle tension and relieves an athlete of the muscle soreness, thus preventing injuries. Experts believe that a minimum of 20 minutes of stretching is essential to maintain the flexibility and pliability of the muscles. This after-workout regime provides other benefits such as reduction in cholesterol and prevention of thickening of arteries.

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Pour in the mineral-ated electrolyte into your body

Post workout, water deficiency causes muscle break down and start paining. Hence, water lost in the form of sweat must be replenished with sufficient quantities to regain energy and recover muscles. The electrolytes regulate fluid levels of the body. It downplays the urge of having a sports drink (an unhealthy choice due to the presence of high amount of sugar in it). Another option available is coconut water. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium and calcium and helps in digestion and flushing out toxins from the body.


Muscle recovery

Breakdown of muscle tissues after workout causes soreness and inflammation. Only the right building blocks can repair them. Some of them can be received with supplements. Remember,

nothing but the best supplement for body building and muscle recovery should be used. Ingredients like fish oil check inflammation and magnesium relaxes muscles. These, if present in the supplements, are of great help.

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Nourish the body

Eating proteins and carbohydrates in the ratio 2:1 is considered ideal by the experts for a quick muscle recovery after working out. The deficient glycogen stores get refilled to stimulate protein synthesis. Also, potassium deficiency leads to muscle cramps. Eat it in right amount for a proper muscle contraction.


Lie down to let muscles rest

Allow your muscle the rest they deserve. They have worked hard and need to be left alone now. Lay down your body on a comfortable bed and let your body heal itself. An athlete must sleep for  a minimum of nine hours. Anything shorter than this won’t do. Not sleeping enough prolongs recovery period and can even make an athlete mentally weak. This may eventually affect all aspects of their life. The recovery phase pushes blood towards the muscles and bring relief to the body.


A few more ways to speed up muscle recovery include ice compressions, massages, cold baths and Epsom salt baths. Figure out an effective way that works for you to speed up muscle growth.


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