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Top 5 Tips to Get You Ripped

Everyone knows a ripped and muscular body is the way to go but getting that body takes work. If it were easy everyone would be ripped and jacked. It takes time, dedication and know how. Luckily we are here with some good tips to help you with the know how. Let’s cut through the bullcrap and get to the top 5 tips to help you get ripped to the bone.

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Top 5 Tips To Get You Ripped

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the techniques that work and that will get you ripped the fastest. Here’s the run down:


1.  Go Low Carb

I have found that when it comes to burning fat low carb is the way to go. To put it in a nutshell when the body does not get enough energy from carbohydrates it will start burn fat to use instead. This subject could be a whole website in itself really but low carb is a very effective way to burn fat. Carbs should not be eliminated completely though, when you do eat carbs they should be good carbs such as green vegetables, whole grain breads,  and brown rice to name a few. These are slower digesting and can be used more effectively by the body, it will also not be turned into fat the way simple carbs would be.


2. Use HIIT Training

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. What this means is that you do a high intensity exercise  such as a sprint for a certain amount of time, usually 1 minute or less, then low intensity like walking for the same amount of time. You then sprint again, then walk and so on until you have done at least 5 sets of sprints. I would recommend 5- 10 sprints.  This method has been shown to be  more effective at burning fat even well after you are done exercising. Another advantage of HIIT training is that you can get it done and move on rather than spend an hour jogging at a medium pace bored to tears.

5 tips to get ripped

3. Go Low Cal

Low calorie diets do work. It seems nowadays everyone wants to do something different than the tried and true method that has always worked.  It’s pretty simple really, if you burn 2000 calories a day and consume 1500 then you are going to lose weight. It works and it’s simple. Just be sure the calories you are getting are good calories from healthy foods and not just from a bunch of garbage.

4. Do Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are the ones that use more than one muscle group at a time, like the bench press, push ups, squat variations, deadlift, and chin ups. These exercise burn calories and build muscle. Having more muscle also means your metabolism will be increased as well. Ladies, don’t be afraid to try the exercises, they wont make you look like the incredible hulk, they will just bring out those curves.

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5. Use a Good Finisher

Putting a combination of exercises that last about 5-10 minutes at the end of a sound strength training workout is perfect since your energy stores are low. A good finisher will help produce great fat loss and it nails the demand for energy at this point in the workout. Remember Hormone Sensitive Lipase? This will be called upon in the adipocytes in order to provide energy.

A good finisher is not haphazardly thrown together either. They need to be challenging and realistic. It makes no sense to injure yourself or perform poor quality movements. Opt for exercise that doesn’t take a ton of skill level such as sled pushes, kettlebell swing, burpees, and ball slams.



Taking a fat loss supplement can also work. The fat burners of today work much better than they did years ago. Pairing a good fat burner with solid diet and the 5 tips above should have you well on your way to being ripped to the bone.  Here are good lists of the Best Fat Burners For 2016, these should be able to give you an extra boost on your quest to be sliced and diced.


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