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Top 5 Synthol Freak Bodybuilders That Will Blow Your Mind

Synthol bodybuilderIf you have been around a while you have probably seen some of these “bodybuilders” that use synthol and you usually laugh or just roll your eyes.

On the other hand, if you don’t really follow bodybuilding or fitness and you see one of these guys you might do a double take and have a serious wtf moment.

These guys really aren’t fooling anyone with this buffoonery but they still do it, and then they post their pics online trying to make people think they are huge and usually end up fooling no one. Even people who have never lifted a weight in their life know something isn’t right there. Let’s take a look at synthol and meet some of the worst synthol offenders.

What is Synthol?

Synthol is a mixture of mostly oil along with alcohol and lidocaine. They inject this to make themselves appear to be bigger than they really are and many of them go way overboard. It was started by bodybuilders as a way to cheat and make themselves appear bigger on stage, it is a dumb idea to do even for that but the guys in this article have taken it to a whole new level.

The Dangers of Synthol

synthol amputation

These injections are not safe at all and are nothing that anyone should consider doing. The abuse of synthol can actually turn the muscle to rock and lead to amputations. In terms of safety, I would say it is much less safe than just using steroids. You would look better on roids too so I don’t get the appeal of the synthol at all but people do it.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Synthol Freaks

Ok enough with the background, let’s get right to what you guys came for, here are the 5 biggest synthol freaks on the internet.

1 Romario Dos Santos Alves

While this guy may not be the worst offender he is the guy that had to have his arm amputated because the muscle turned to rock. He says he became addicted to using synthol and couldn’t stop using it. Maybe now that he has lost a limb he will be able to stop his synthol abuse.

Sorry to all you sick bastards out there that were hoping to see what he looks like after amputation. We were unable to find any pictures of him post operation and believe me we tried. Maybe one of you sickos out there will find a pic (if you do please let us know)


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2 Valdir

synthol freak


Not sure it is just me but every time I see this guy I think he should be wearing a bra. While it does almost look like he had a boob job he has just been using synthol, and lots of it.

This guy has even been on TV in Brazil showing off his “muscles”.

3 Arlindo de Souza

Synthol freak

synthol bodybuilder

Next on our list, we have Arlindo de Souza. This guy actually has 29-inch arms. Are you impressed? Me neither.

He says he is no stronger now than he was before he started injecting synthol. That is not really a surprise, is it?

His traps are looking pretty strong as well we might add.

4 Moustafa Ismail

Synthol bicep

synthol arms

Believe it or not, those arms that looks like they have a turkey neck are the biggest in the world at 31 inches in 2012. Of course, it is a pretty controversial record as you can expect and has been under challenge. It was so controversial that the following year the Guinness Book of World Records said it would no longer be keeping a record of the worlds largest upper arm due to the fact that “there are too many evidentiary variables to ensure a declarative benchmark that is firmly beyond dispute”.

In other words this guy ruined it for everyone.

5 This Guy

synthol guy

Not sure exactly who this guy is but this dude is freaky. And I don’t think it’s just the synthol that makes him freaky, he looks to have on eyeliner and god knows what else he is up to but it is messing with my brain a little. We will leave you with this guy as our last synthol freak on the list.

Don’t Get Freaky

Hopefully, we have scared you straight when it comes to even thinking about trying synthol let alone way overdoing it like these guys do. When it comes to most things in life, natural works best.

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