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Top 5 Reasons Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit

A typical bodybuilder’s training includes low repetition workouts, 1-10 reps (with an occasional burnout), and 20 minutes on the stationary bike for cardio. Bodybuilders do not really hate CrossFit, they actually hate the intensity. Does anyone honestly like running a 6-minute mile or doing 45 pull-ups and thrusters in 2:30 minutes? That is the intensity of a crossfitters training program.

There are stereotypes for both bodybuilding and CrossFit, but comparing them is impossible because of the workout intensity, training program, style of competition, and the eventual physique build. You will not have to search long online if you want to find out what bodybuilders really think about CrossFit.

Bodybuilding vs crossfit

1. Specialization

Crossfitters do not specialize in a certain sport, unlike bodybuilders. Crossfitters do not try to get massively big, their goals are to lift a heavy amount of weight and sculpt their bodies to be toned. It is a combination of a multitude of skills (running, swimming, rowing, and other athletic tasks), and they incorporate different sports in just one training session.

Bodybuilders, on the other hand, chose their athletic discipline and strive towards becoming masters of it. They are consistent to a healthy and rich nutrition program, training, setting goals, maintaining low body fat levels, and achieving balance. At the end of the day, their main goal is to have an incredibly sculpted body, and they commit all of their time and effort to it. CrossFit produces fit athletes that can perform extremely well in many athletic disciplines, but their discipline is non-specific.

2. Kipping vs. Deadhang Pull-Up

Crossfitters perform exercises wrong, while bodybuilders find the intricacies of how to execute their exercises sacred. If you have seen a crossfitter type of pull-up, you would know that is not the same as a proper (deadhang) pull-up. With deadhang pull-ups, one uses targeted muscles to perform it. Kipping pull-ups place too much stress on the shoulders (rotator cuff and tendons of the latissimus dorsi muscles). Inexperienced individuals can get injured quite easily (and the CrossFit culture is known for its injury production) because during a kipping pull-up the stress at the bottom of the movement is almost over two times their body weight.

kipping pull-ups

3. High-Rep Olympic Lifting?

High repetitions will not make you strong. Quality weightlifting is all about the maximal expression of power, which is not achieved by doing lower weight and higher rep sets with a small amount of mass. Lifting sets that last 6 or more reps become more about managing energy systems than creating power. High-rep Olympic lifts are actually dangerous, and we again go back to crossfitters’ bad techniques, and a badly performed big lift is hazardous. They can complete 30 clean & jerks in an instant, but lifting 300+ pounds for a single? Not really.

Why bodybuilders hate crossfitters

4. CrossFit Leads to Rhabdo

It is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Rhabdomyolysis results from the death of muscle fibers (due to heavy and intense workouts), and release of their contents into the bloodstream. Kidneys start their job at cleaning the released myoglobin that easily overloads them (because it was not designed to be in the blood). This can happen both to untrained and elite athletes. It can cause lasting damage if not treated promptly. If one performs low to medium weights at high-rep and high intensity, rhabdo is always a risk.

Crossfit rhabdo

5. CrossFit at the Olympics?

It is believed that CrossFit is something close to Decathlon. You can see sports like badminton, BMX cycling, and trampoline in the Olympics, and they are not really that intense. As a combination of different skills, CrossFit draws methodology from other sports and is considered potential for the Olympics because of that. On the other hand, people have difficulties in even acknowledging bodybuilding as a sport.

The results of bodybuilding are there and everyone can see it, but the contestants are judged on their appearance, with no actual performance or competition. However, perhaps the main reason why bodybuilding will never get to the Olympics is the use of performance enhancing drugs. Bodybuilding, along with powerlifting, is a discipline which openly operates in two separate currents – natural and “otherwise”. In order to even get a chance to be considered for the Olympics, it must become absolutely drug-free.

Bodybuilders do not relate to Crossfit, possibly because they cannot identify with that kind of lifestyle. Crossfit is about strength, endurance, and performance. Bodybuilding is about muscle appearance. Training programs, exercising techniques, and even the competitions are extremely different, making bodybuilders and crossfitters people with different attitudes and mindsets. And that cannot be easily changed.


About the author:

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life. Follow him on Twitter.

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