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Top 5 Moves For Back Pain

If you are in the fitness or health industry, chances are you have heard of someone complaining of lower back pain. In fact, lower back pain is one of the most common problems in the United States of America and research says that almost everyone will have at least some form of lower back pain sometime in their life. This goes for non active people as well as those in the gym every day.

back pain relief

What Causes Back Pain?

Pain in your back can be a real problem that is hard to diagnose. The first thing you should be aware of is that sitting down in a chair and being inactive can be a massive catalyst. Think about it. The majority of people get up, grab some coffee, and then go to a day job where they are sitting in a cubicle for the entire day. When the day is over, they go home, and continue to sit on the couch while eating their meals. Being sedentary could be the cause of your back pain.


But I Am An Athlete!

If you are an active person but still have lower back pain, what gives? Well, another reason for this pain could be that each movement for your specific sport or hobby is causing tension on your back. After lots of repetition and not stretching properly after you exercise, you could experience this pain or even worse, injuries.

If you are a sedentary office worker, then you need to get your exercise in to relieve any stress on your back. If you are an athlete but still having issues, then you can benefit from the follow moves/exercises.

Top 5 Exercises For Back Pain

Two Knee Twist

Toe knee twist

The two knee twist is something that I do after every single workout. It provides a great range of mobility for your lower back and feels amazing.

To do this stretch, lay on your back with legs straight. Bend your knees together and bring them to your chest. Your arms should be out at a T. From here, swing your legs from side to side while trying to keep your shoulders and upper back planted firmly on the ground. This should produce a stretch in your back that you can really feel. Hold this position for 1 minute on each side.




This is another personal favorite that can be done after any workout or in the comfort of your own home.

To do this stretch, simply lay on the ground on your stomach. Put your forearms on the ground with your elbows right under your shoulder. Press down on the ground through your hands and forearms while at the same time pushing “through” the floor with your public bone. This will cause your lower back to stretch and get a rush of blood flow to the area. This may not feel great at first, but the extra blood flow and stretch are helping heal the sore painful area.


Lying Knee Twist

This exercise/stretch is very similar to the two knee twist. I almost prefer this one on some days because it is easier to do and will help gain some strength in your abdominal muscles.

Lay on your back with both feet straight out in front of you. Take one of your legs and move it over your body. Try and touch this knee to the floor on the opposite side of your body. This will cause a stretch in your back as well as a contraction in your abs. The best of both worlds!

This doubles as a stretch in your buttocks which is an added bonus, especially after a heavy leg day.


Invert Yourself On A Table

Inversion table back pain

If your gym has an inversion table (or maybe your chiropractor), this can be a life saver if you are experiencing any back pain.

To use one, strap yourself in to the table, and then very slowly move your body backwards until you are fully inverted. This will decompress your entire spine and give some relief to the sore area. Not only will this increase the blood flow to the area, but it feels amazing at the same time. You can think of it almost like a stretch but without any effort. Some people swear by inversion tables. If you are interested in picking one up, you can check some of the inversion table reviews posted here.


Yoga Cow

Yoga cowcat pose back pain

Of course, the best was saved for last. This exercise has two versions. The Yoga Cow, and the Yoga Cat. To begin this great stretch, get on your knees and hands on the floor looking straight ahead of you. Your hands should be directly below your shoulders and your knees should be right below your hips. Exhale deeply as you arch your back either in or out! This will cause a massive stretch in your back. If you arch your back downwards (towards the floor), this is called the Yoga Cow. If you arch your back upwards, then this is called the Yoga Cat.

Do this exercise/stretch a few times a day if you are experiencing any type of pain in your back. It feels great and before you know it, you will be back on your feet pain free!


Wrapping It Up

Having back pain is no fun! If you have been there, you know how debilitating it can be. Following these simple exercises every day can really help get you back to feeling normal. If your pain persists, please consult your physician for treatment.



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