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Top 5 Foods You Should Avoid For Heart Health

Your heart and your brain are the 2 most important organs in your body so doing your best to treat them right would be a good idea. After all, getting a new heart is complicated and risky and getting a new brain isn’t possible (although I really wish some people I know could get new brains). Therefore, you are better off taking good care of the ones you have now.

Heart Health Factors

There are many factors that go in to heath health. Some you can control, some you can not such as age, genetics, and gender. One of the easiest things to control is your diet. Eating foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar and cholesterol can contribute to the development of heart disease over time.


Controlling Your Portion Size

Another big problem along with eating unhealthy heart foods is the amount of food we eat nowadays, especially in America. In America we love our giant size belly busting portions. Making your plate overflow and going back for seconds is not a good idea. Not only are you eating unhealthy foods but you are having HUGE amounts of it, this is  a double whammy.

Use a smaller plate or bowl to control your portion sizes and limit your processed meats and high sodium foods while increasing the portions on healthy fruits and vegetables and your waistline as well as your heart will be thankful.


Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

While the video below shows you the top 5 foods you should be avoiding for a healthy heart we feel it is important to tell you what food you should be eating as part of your diet.

Whole Grains – Whole grains contain lots of fiber and nutrients that play a role in regulating blood pressure and heart health. Foods high in whole grains include: Oatmeal, quinoa, high fiber cereal, whole grain pasta and brown rice.

Healthy Fats – Limiting how much saturated and trans fats you eat is an important step to reduce your blood cholesterol and lower your risk of coronary artery disease. Instead have healthy fats that you find in avocados, olive oil, seed and nuts.

Low Fat Proteins – You should also be sure you are eating low fat sources of protein like fish, chicken breast, lean meat as well as lowfat milk, eggs and yogurt.

Top 5 Foods You Should Avoid For Heart Health

Ok, this is what you came here for. This short video gives you the top 5 food you should avoid to keep your heart healthy.

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