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Top 5 Fitness Myths

Most people get a health advice in their gym or workplace and pass it on to their friends without knowing the full implications or the truth behind it. As a matter of fact the world of fitness has plenty of myths that are perpetuated by idiots. Though these myths are not very harmful, they misguide you till you are aware of the facts.

Let us explore some of the top fitness myths


5)  No soreness in muscles means no workout

Most people think that if they are not having soreness a day after their previous workout, they have not done their workout properly. This is not true. Exercising on a regular level leads to decrease in the degree of soreness your muscles have and after a certain period of conducting workouts regularly, the soreness practically stops. Therefore, you should gradually increase the duration of exercise and also increase the level of exercises.

Fitness myths

4) Sweating a lot leads to losing more weight

It is not necessary to sweat a lot to lose weight as losing weight does not depend solely on your amount you sweat. Your diet, metabolism, gene composition, and current fitness level also contribute to your weight. Sweating is just losing water weight that you will put back on when you re-hydrate. To truly lose weight you need to burn fat.


3) Over protein consumption leads to stronger muscles

Your body needs a balanced diet. The protein intake should also be suitable and should not be increased exponentially if you are exercising. Try to use natural protein and if you are using bodybuilding supplements, make sure to consult your physician or gym instructor before consuming them. The protein consumption is also gradually increased as per the exercise schedule. Heavy protein consumption will lead to excess protein storage in the body which can cause metabolic disorders and other health issues.


2) Work out in the morning for best result

It does not matter at what time of the day you conduct your exercises. A morning workout might suit you if you get busier as the day progresses. Let’s just be honest too, working out in the morning flat out sucks. If you aren’t a morning person you would be better served waiting until later in the day when you and your body are awake and loose. A morning exercise schedule does provide more enthusiasm for doing the exercises. You should not worry about the timing of the exercise and workout schedule. Just make sure to exercise on a regular basis.

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1) Spot reductions can be done by over exercising on a given area

It is the most widely believed myth. You cannot lose the fat of your tummy by just undertaking exercises specific to stomach. The extra sit ups are going to be of no help. Weight reduction is a process that is carried out throughout the body. The exercises should be for every part of the body. A gradual decrease in weight occurs throughout the body and there is nothing like spot reductions. Therefore, you should have a more broad approach for weight reduction programs. Also you do not lose weight by just focusing on cardiovascular exercises. Weight training might be more beneficial in terms of losing weight.


There you have the top fitness myths. Hopefully we helped set you straight in a few things and put you in the know. Until next time be sure to train hard AND smart.

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About the author: Alia Anderson is a passionate writer and blogger. Amongst all, she enjoys writing for fitness and kratom for pregnant women. These days she is busy to writing articles on what is kratom.

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