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Top 5 Exercises to Get You Jacked

Let’s say you want to get totally jacked but you don’t really want to do a whole bunch of different exercises in order to get there. You have better things to do like working your life away or chasing after members of the opposite sex that are way out of your league (until you become a sexy jacked beast that is).

If you want to get jacked while not using a lot of exercises then you are going to have to go with compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. You can kiss the old bicep curls and leg extensions goodbye for this one. For this we went with traditional basic, some might say old school exercises. I am a big believer in sticking with the basics for the most part when it comes to exercise anyhow. Why?.. They work! Our top 5 is filled with basic compound exercises, become a beast in these 5 exercises and you will be one jacked mofo!

Here are our top 5 exercises to get jacked:


5) Pull-ups

Pull-ups are an awesome exercise that will work the entire back, shoulders, biceps and abs. Being able to do a lot of pull ups or weighted pull ups with some serious weight hanging between your legs you will be well on your way to being jacked. Vary your grip between narrow and wide and palm facing away and palms facing you (technically that’s a chin up, I know, work with me here) for better results and to hit various parts of the back and work the biceps harder with the palms facing you.



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4) Bench Press

Bench press is still the king of upper body exercises if you ask me. The bench press hits the chest, shoulders and triceps as well as the abs and lats. Weather you prefer it with dumbbells or the barbell the bench press will ad slabs of muscle to your chest

Exercises to get jacked

Wrap your thumbs around the bar unless you are Arnold. Dropping a ton of weight on your chest using the suicide grip would really suck and possibly kill you.

3) Squat

I know some of you who have a throbbing hard-on for squats are probably just shit yourself because it came in third. Don’t worry guys, squats are still the undisputed king of lower body exercises. However this is about getting jacked overall and when it comes to getting your whole body jacked the squat came in third. Squats hit mostly the lower body as well as the back and abs. They also give you the coveted squat booty that everyone likes to see on the opposite sex. Back squats are king but feel free to mix in front squats, goblet squats and Bulgarian split squats to mix it up.

squat girl



1) Clean and Press

We had some pretty serious thoughts about putting the clean and press in first place. This one will work the entire body and if you are putting up a lot of weight on the clean and press you will be pretty much jacked. You can do the clean and jerk as well but we went with the press because it uses less momentum.

Clean and press is a beast of an exercise. It’s not an easy exercise to just start blasting them out if you have never done them before. Here is a good instructional video if you need help.


2) Deadlift

Deadlift is a straight up beast of an exercises that works pretty much the entire body and will give you a nice, thick upper back and traps that command respect. I would say if you have a really strong deadlift you are probably pretty jacked already. This exercise can get you JackedLand all by itself, it is that good. Make sure you are using good form on this one though so you don’t blow your back out. Here is a good video to help you with form on the convention deadlift.

There are a variety of deadlifts from the conventional deadlift to the Sumo Deadlift to deadlifts with the trap bar which I really like. Research the different style and find out which you like and have at it. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Deadlift beast


Honerable Mention:

Sprints – Sprints help burn fat fast and if you want to be jacked you can’t be a lard-ass, then you are just a strong fat dude and not jacked. Plus if you haven’t noticed most sprinters are pretty damn jacked.

Thrusters – Yeah, they suck to do but they work the entire body, do them heavy and for reps rather then for cardio and they will get you jacked.

Snatches – Another whole body exercise, to be honest you can’t go wrong with any of the Olympic lifts if you want to get jacked.

Dips – Another good upper body exercise for the chest, shoulders and triceps

Rows – Rows build the nice thick back that is a must have for a jacked beast, they also hit the bi’s as well.



There are 5 exercises and a few more that can make you into a jacked mountain of muscle. Don’t forget to keep a tight diet and mix in some HIIT cardio to keep that bodyfat in check so you can be jacked. Otherwise you will just be huge which is fine but that’s not what this article is about.

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