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Top 5 Exercises That Build Huge Legs

Big Legs

Big legs are a bit of a status symbol in the world of bodybuilding. All guys focus on arms, chest and abs so those are a dime a dozen. Legs and back are a different story though.

A good set of legs or a thick back shows that you have a certain level of dedication beyond the average gymgoer.

The thing is, not all leg exercises are created equal. Certain exercises will build slabs of muscle while others won’t really do all that much to build mass. Think about it, you aren’t going to build massive quads by doing leg extensions all day. That exercise is for the teenager noobs that don’t know how to build serious quads. If you are ready to step up to the plate try these 5 exercises that will have your massive quads testing the limits of your jeans.

Top 5 Exercises That Build Huge Legs

If you are ready to build some tree trunk legs that demand respect then these 5 exercises are what you need.

5 Hack Squat (Machine)

Hack Squat Exercise

The hack squat machine is a machine that doesn’t get near enough love in most gyms. This bad boy can build some serious muscle mass and it is something you should be looking if you are trying to build big legs.

The nice thing about this machine is you can go heavy and not have to worry about getting crushed on a failed rep. This allows you to really blast your legs with no remorse and no worries about injury.

4 Leg Press

Leg press girl

While the leg press tends to get a bad reputation it really is not a bad exercise and one that can pack on some nice muscle.

The reason the leg press gets a bad reputation is because of ego lifters. Guys who use way more weight than they should or use a pathetic range of motion. Idiot guys stroking their egos just make it look bad. As the saying goes: no one cares how much you leg press.

If you do it right, with a nice range of motion the leg press has its place and can really hit the quads and glute. Just don’t let your ego ruin this exercise for you.


3 Lunges

Best leg exercises

Ah yes, this one was a favorite of Ronnie Coleman and is a real good mass builder particularly when you do them with dumbbells or a barbell.

These will blast your quads as well the glutes. This will give you more balanced legs and is an exercise that can help fight muscle imbalances as well.

2 Front Squat

Front Squat

Coming in second place we have the mighty front squat. This ie a great exercise that puts a but more focus on the quads than the back squat does. With this exercise there is also less compression on the spine than there is with the back squat.

This is an exercise that really could have been in first place and if you think it should be we are not going to argue.


1 Back Squat

Best leg exercise

This isn’t really a surprise to anyone. The back squat is the king of lower body exercises. If you want to build some serious leg muscle then you are going to need to squat.

Squatting for mass means going down to parallel when you squat too. Don;t be one of those wimps that only does a half reps. Those will get you half the results.

Supplementing for More Mass

If you are looking to build your legs and add muscle then using the right supplement can be a big help and will help you reach your goals faster. Try using the best testosterone boosters for building muscle that will boost your testosterone levels and we all know that more testosterone means more muscle building. The supplements will take your muscle building to the next level and have you building more muscle faster than ever.

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