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Top 5 Exercises for Building Explosive Power

exercise to build power

Having explosive power can be a great asset for athletes, powerlifters and the like. Most anyone who is in to fitness should try and establish some level of power in fact. Otherwise you are just strong and slow and you aren’t getting as much out of your strength as you should be. Do yourself a favor and don’t be one of those strong bodybuilder guys that can’t move, be more than that, be strong and powerful.

What is power?

People tend to think someone who can lift a lot of weight is powerful, this is not true though.

Lifting a lot of weight is an example of strength. Lifting a weight quickly is an example of power. So, strength and speed together equal power.

Think about it, someone who is strong but slow isn’t really powerful, also someone who is very fast but has no strength isn’t powerful either. You need both strength and speed for it to be power, it doesn’t work with just one of them.


Who Needs Power?

Athletic power

The people who really need power are athletes and powerlifters. Athletes use power to explode off the line, throw a punch, dunk a basketball, lift an opponent and more. Powerlifters also need power in order to get the weight up, with the kind of exercises power they need strength and speed, thus the name POWERlifting.

Top 5 Exercises for Building Explosive Power

We have covered what power is and why it is good to have it. Now let’s go over the top 5 exercises that build explosive power.

#1 – Power Cleans

It should come as a surprise to no one that the exercise in first place has power in the name. Power cleans are one of the best exercises on the planet. They build both power and muscle and also athleticism. If you are any kind of an athlete you could be greatly benefited by doing power cleans. They build explosive power throughout the body perfect for any athlete in any sport or anyone who want to be a powerful beast. Not to mention you feel like a real badass doing this exercise especially when you get strong.


#2 – Snatch

The snatch is another great power building exercise. Like the power clean this one is also a bit on the technical side which is why we gave you an instructional video to go with it. Even with the video you should get with a knowledgeable strength coach as this exercise is one where you can really get hurt if you aren’t doing it correctly.


#3 – Heavy Kettlebell Swings or Banded Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swing are a great power building exercise. Make them heavy or banded swings and they are even better. While heavy kettlebell swings are awesome it can be a bit of a problem to find a kettlebell big enough for many people. Usually 100lbs is about the limit most people can find and ones heavier than 100lbs are crazy expensive too. If you can find one great, if not you can use a band as shown in the video above. Bands are another great tool to use on your lifts for building power so adding them to kettlebell swings is perfect.

#4 – Banded Deadlifts

As we mentioned above bands are a great power building tool. Combine the bands with the deadlift and we have an epic power building exercise. We prefer the trap bar on this exercise but you can use a conventional bar if you don’t have access to a trap bar. You can also use chains instead of bands if you like, they give you the same effect and are more expensive but make you feel like more of a beast also.

#5 – Med Ball Throws

We would be foolish not to have med ball throws on the list. Med ball throws are one of the best power and athleticism building exercises out there yet it is one that not many people use. There are many different kinds of throws out there and the tutorial above covers a lot of them. The vid is a bit on the boring side but there are some good points in there. You should use a variety of throws and slams to get the most out med ball throws and build power throughout the body.


Honorable Mention – Sprints, sled sprints, seated box jumps, jerks, broad jumps and sled pulls.

Wrapping it up

There you have five great power building exercises and some extras in the honorable mentions. Use these exercises to create explosive power and dominate the competition. Be sure to use good form on all of these exercises and get with a strength coach to be sure your form is right particularly on the power clean and snatch. Add a few of these exercises to your routine and you will make some serious power gains in not a lot of time. You can build strength and power faster using the best power and strength building supplements on the market. They will get you ahead of the game even faster.

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