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Top 5 Exercises For a Hot Female Body

A hot female body can be achieved without doing a ton of exercises. You don’t need to spend all day in the gym hitting every muscle from every angle either. Most women don’t want to look like bodybuilders, they usually want a nice butt, legs and waist and some muscle tone on the upper body. This can be achieved without a ton of exercises. These 5 exercises will go a long way to giving you the dream body you are after. We focused these exercises on the parts that women feel are most important also included a few bonus exercises to help round you out.

Top 5 Exercises For a Hot Female Body

Here are the top five exercises you need to get the body you want. Don’t forget to keep that diet tight though or you might not get the results you want. Doing these exercises and then eating junk food won’t get you as far as you can go with solid diet.



5. Lunges

Girl Lunge

Lunges are a great lower body exercises that hit mainly the butt, quads and hamstrings. Three areas that all girls want to be want be looking really good. Do some lunges and you will be feeling it in all the right places the next day. Hurts so good!


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4. Sprints

Athletic girl

Running is proven to torch fat, but to incinerate calories even more effectively, try taking things up a notch with all-out sprints. Unlike just going out for a jog, repeated sprints force your body to work hard and then recover, cranking up your metabolism so you continue to burn more calories for hours even after your workout is over. Sprints are also good for building muscle in the quads and glutes and who doesn’t like that? Also if you haven’t noticed most sprinters have hot bodies. Coincidence? I think not.

Although it’s more effective to do sprints outdoors on a track, you can also do them inside on a treadmill. Be sure you get good and warmed up since sprints can be intense. Warm up, hit ten good sprints and melt that fat like ice cream in the desert sun.


3. Burpees

Burpee Video

Burpees, some people love them, most people hate them. They suck to do but they are super effective at increasing endurance and burning fat. Just 10 burpees is enough to get your heat pounding, work your way up to doing 100 at a good pace and you will be a lean, mean machine!


2. Deadlift

sexy deadlift

Deadlifts may be the single-best movement for increasing your overall strength, we certainly had some serious debate about putting it in first place. If you feel the need to put in in first we won’t argue, the top two on this list could go either way.

Deadlifts are a great whole body exercise that emphasize the legs, hamstrings, butt and back. These bad boys will deliver a great bod in the areas that females want more so than almost any other. Plus you will feel like a she-badass while doing them.


1.  Squat

hot squat girl

Squats are the king of lower body exercises and some might say the king of all exercises.  Squats work the legs, butt and back as well as the abs. If you are looking to get a nice round tush and legs that are strong and sexy then this is the exercises you want.

There are many variations of squats, the back squat is the most common but front squats, goblet squats, hack squats and other squat variations are also super effective. Find one that works for you and get after it.


Bonus Exercises

Here are a couple bonus exercises, the top 5 above mostly worked the lower body so we figured we would throw in a few for the upper body as well.

Planks – Great for working the entire core

Push Ups – They are great for the upper body, they target the chest, triceps, abs and shoulders

Inverted Rows – These give you that sexy back while hitting the biceps as well.

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