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Top 5 Exercise to Get Sexy Ripped Abs

Having a nice set of abs looks good no matter your gender. Both sexes like to seem to love a hot set of abs. The only problem is getting those abs can be difficult. Luckily we have compiled the top five exercises to help get your abs popping and looking good.

Girl With Abs

The harsh truth about abs

Lets get one thing straight. If you want to see your abs you need to loose bodyfat. If your abs are covered with three inches of fat you can do ab exercises day and night and have the strongest abs in the world but no one will see them if there is still 3 inches of fat on top of them.

You need to loose fat if you want abs, and you can’t burn the fat over your abs by doing ab exercises. You burn fat over your entire body, spot reduction is impossible unless you get liposuction. To burn fat you will need a solid diet and some HIIT cardio. Without lowering your bodyfat your will look the same no matter how hard you work them. In a nutshell: if you want abs you need low bodyfat. For some more advice on how to lower bodyfat read our article Top 5 Tips To Get You Ripped


Another truth about abs

This might not come as a shock to most of you but those ab machines you see on tv infomercials aren’t worth a crap. You can forget the Abroller 5000, those silly ab belts that send electric stimulation to your ab muscles or any of those other silly contraptions. Forget about all of those. Those are made for people who are hoping they can still be super lazy and get abs. Save your money, it won’t work. If you want abs you can’t be lazy, you need to put in the work at the gym and with your diet. If you are a lazy-ass you might as well stop reading now cause you will never make it. For abs you will need to put in work, and depending on how much bodyfat you have it might be a lot of work. The lazy won’t make it. There are no shortcuts so be ready for a tough grind. These exercises will get your abs and core as strong as steel.

The Anatomy of the abdominals


Here is a good diagram of the abdominals to let you see that there is a lot more to it than just the traditional “6 pack muscles”. There are layers to the abs and muscles on the sides like the obliques and Sarratus anterior. This is why it is near impossible to work the entire core very well with just one exercise.


Top 5 Exercises for Abs

Now that we have told you the truth about getting abs it’s time to give you the top 5 exercises to get you there.

Note: Some of these movements are not for beginners

5. Windshield Wipers

Wipers are great for hitting the entire abs and really working the obliques. This is one of the more advanced movements so some of you might not even be able to do these, this might be something you need to work up to if you are not advanced. Watch the above video though and Scooby goes through a pretty good explanation on how to do them and what exercises to start of with if you can not do them yet so you can get there someday.


4. Landmines

Best ab exercises

This one is another good one for the obliques which many people neglect. They also target the entire abdominal region. This one, like the wipers can be hard to describe or fully understand from the pic above so here is a nice brief video on how to do the landmines.

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3. Planks of all kinds


Planks work the entire core including the deep core muscles that can be difficult to work. There are a few different styles of planks including the side plank. Another version that is like the plank on steroids is the RKC plank where while you plank you flex your glutes hard and try to pike your body and have your elbows touch your toes while staying in the plank position.. Here is a good video and description for Bret Contrares. RKC planks are generally only done for 10 seconds for about 5 sets but they hit the abs hard over that time frame.

2. Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging leg raise

Hanging leg raises are a great exercise that target the lower abs. This exercise is also good at creating separation between the abs so you can get those deep cuts between the abs and really make them pop. With this exercise you might only be able to do a couple reps at first and some of you might not be able to do any at all. If that is the case you can bend your legs rather than having them out straight and work your way up to doing them with your legs out straight. Those who are advances can add ankle weights or grab a small dumbbell between your feet while doing the exercise.


1. Ab Wheel Rollouts

maxresdefault (1)


Arch that back

Here is the mother of all ab exercises. I know it looks corny but it works! This is one that actually used to be on an infomercial but this is one the infomercials actually got right. Now it has become a fairly common piece of gym equipment. This works the entire core like mad! If you have never done these before start with just one set and you will be feeling it the next day from that alone. A word of caution: be sure to keep your back arched like a cat while doing the rollout to prevent from overarching your back and creating back pain.

This exercise is much harder than it looks, especially for beginners. If you are a beginner you will want to start doing these with a stability ball and work up to the roller. Most people will be doing these from your knees but if you are really advanced you might be able to do them from your feet but that is for beasts only. Give them a try and you will understand why these are truly the best core exercise. Just go easy the first few times or your abs will be sore for a week. I learned that the hard way myself.



There you have the top 5 ab exercises. Put all of them together and you will have yourself a hell of a strong core. Just remember it will take more than ab exercises to get you a set of ripped abs. Your diet is vitally important as well, in fact it is probably even more important than the exercises. Put them both together though and you will have the abs of your dreams.

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