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Top 5 Elliptical Machines

There are several features that any good elliptical machine should have, but eventually it all comes down to your own preferences, needs and budget.


Here is the list of top 5 elliptical machines

  • Proform 14.0 ce
  • Sole e95
  • Proform 990 cse
  • Sole e25
  • Smooth agile dmt x2


To help you decide which is more suitable for you out of the list of top 5 elliptical machines, here is a list of the most important features that the best elliptical trainers possess.


1. Convenient

Elliptical trainers are low impact machines that are easier on the joints and enable you to work out your muscles, legs and arms in particular, improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and get fit. When you own an elliptical, you can work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and you will thus avoid making excuses like bad weather and lack of spare time to avoid exercising. These machines are also easy to use, and are suitable for both beginners and people with previous training experience.


2. Accessories

The best machines come with accessories that are built-in to add to the overall convenience and ease of use, and some are even Wi-Fi compatible. To make your workout more pleasant, the best machines are fitted with jacks for playing music on your MP3, a holder for your water bottle, another for your tablet, etc.


3. Design

Be aware that different trainer designs fit people of different weights and heights. This means that the machine should be sturdy enough to support your weight, but not necessarily bulky to take up considerable floor space (some brands have a fold-up design that enables you to store the machine and save space once you are done exercising).


Before buying, check the maximum weight it can hold, and choose a brand that can support you as well as any other family members who will be using the machine. Moreover, purchase a trainer with a stride length that can be adjusted depending on your height; this is especially important if you are much taller or shorter than the average user.


The incline is also very important to the final outcome of your workout, so make sure you purchase a model with an adjustable incline so that you can switch between muscle groups easily.


4. Programs

The best machines come with many (10 to 35) and varied preset programs, such as interval, cross training or fat burning programs to help you strengthen your muscles, lose weight, etc. It is best when certified personal trainers are the designers of these programs due to their progressive intensity and difficulty levels. Varied programs are also a great way to avoid boredom while on the elliptical.


5. Warranty

As with most products you purchase nowadays, warranty is very important if you are to use the machine without worrying about potential additional costs. Note, however, that the length of the warranty can differ for the parts, frame, and labor (that is, the costs for assembly and repairs): usually, the best brands offer a warranty of up to 10 years on the parts and up to 5 years on labor, and have a lifetime warranty for the frame.


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