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Top 5 Douchebags in the Fitness Industry

There are a few industries that are just littered with douchebags. One of these industries is definitely the fitness industry.

Heck, I am sure you probably have at least one douchebag at the gym you go to. Add in the fact that you have Instagram, Facebook and th rest of social media and then you have a lot of people wanting to become Facebook Famous and social media stars. This opens the doors up to a lot of douche bags out there trying to promote themselves. Many of them are people whose douchiness we likely would be realized without the power of social media.

Some of these guys could actually be nice guys but the image they put out is so douchey it is time they get called out for it. Now let’s get to the douches.

Top 5 Douche Bags in the Fitness Industry

Prepare yourself for some serious douchebaggery.


5 Antoinne Vaillant

Antione Vaillant douche

Antoinne vaillant

We aren’t sure if Antoinne is actually a douche but he just might be. Looking at his photos there is just something douchey about him. Not the worst offender on the list and maybe not a douche in real life but he is still in fifth. Someone had to be.

4 Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid Feax hawkJeff Seid Hair

Jeff Seid Justin Bieber

When you are considered the Justin Beiber of the fitness industry you are pretty much guaranteed to end up on this list. Just google Jeff Seid and Bieber and there are so many Jeff Seid vs Justin Bieber comparisons it will make your head spin.

His Bieberesque looks and douchey hair are mainly give off the Bieber comparisons..

There are a lot of people out there that say his actually a really nice guy so we need to mention that, but when you look like the Biebs jacked brother the douche bells start ringing.

Sorry Jeff, loose the Bieber image and we might take you off this list, until then you are in forth place.

3 Mike Chang

Mike Change Douchebag

You have probably all seen this guy whether you realize it or not. He was the guy in all those ads a few years back, the “Gyms hate him”  and his “Six-pack shortcut discovered by Chinese scientists” ads. Here are a couple examples below.

Mike ChangeMike Chang fitness

On top of those ads that would pop up everywhere he was also all over Youtube with his annoying video ads you had to watch before you could see the video you actually wanted to see.Thankfully people got tired of seeing these ridiculous ads everywhere and they have disappeared for the most part, apparently the idiots who fell for these ads have finally caught on.

Even if he is not as visible as he once was he is still selling his products to this day but he is much less prominent then he once was. A few years ago he even was named the Internet’s Biggest Douche by Hoder’s Den.

While he isn’t around as much as he used to be people still haven’t forgotten what an annoying douche he was in his prime. That’s why he is still on the list, just show people his picture or mention his name and you will get a collective eye roll from everyone in the fitness industry.


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2 Devin Physique

Devin Physique

While having the last name of “Physique” is extremely douchey, that’s not even why he on the list, although it is a pretty good reason.

The main he reason he is on the list though is because he got caught photoshopping his pictures and list his Shreds Sponsorship.

You can probably notice in the pic above that it has been enhanced a bit to show more contrast which isn’t the worst thing in the world, lots of people do that with filters and Photoshop. What’s worse is the fact that it looks like the pic on the right has a smaller waist than the one on the left.

Then take a look at the pics below. The contrast has again been changed but look at his legs and his waist, this is an obvious photoshop and is they he landed at number 2 on our list.

Devin Physique photoshop


1 Brad Castleberry

Brad Castleberry Douche

Here we have the cream of the crop when it comes to fitness douches. Any of you that have seen Brad Castleberry on social media knows exactly why he is in here at number 1, even ahead of a photoshopper with a cheesy and fake last name.

The dude is strong, no question on that. Whether he is natural not is whole other topic and I am sure you can make your own judgment relatively easy on that.

Castleberry goes around making vids doing insane amounts of weight with usually insanely bad form and then he flexes at the end of each one and says how light the weight was like a top of the line douche. Don’t take our word for it though, here are a few of our favorites.

Yeah, he is strong, no doubt. But that is not really what I would consider even close to a full range of motion. Plus the need to be shirtless, what is up with that?

LOL, oh man, what a douche. Let’s see one more shall we?

Not only does he act like a douche in his videos. Oh there is more, he has been called out time after time by powerlifters to come and compete against them to see how strong he really is and he never responds and blocks them so no one knows how strong he actually is and we probably never will. He is strong but come on.

There is also a question as to whether or not the plates are real on some of his lifts, some people aren’t so sure.


Now let’s watch him get called out by powerlifter Greek Goliath.


And here is one more of Brad Castleberry being exposed for photoshopping plates on the end of the bar in his pics, posing for pics with more weight than he can lift and just being an all around douche. Photoshopping exposed in the latter portion of the video but the whole thing is worth a watch for a good laugh.

These videos are only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to Brad Castleberry too. There are tons of them out there and all them are basically ripping him a new one. Does he deserve it or are they all just hating? That’s up to you to decide. We feel he is a top of the line douche though and number one on this list for sure.


That’s the list, let us know if we missed any good douches in the comment section below, if we get any good ones we can update the list.

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