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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises

You can get a great body without even having a gym membership or using any weights except the weight of your own body. Bodyweight exercises can work your entire body and get you strong and in shape. Think about a gymnast, they have great bodies (both men and women) and don’t do anything but bodyweight exercises. Not only that but Herschel Walker one of the greatest athletes of all time says he has always done nothing but bodyweight exercises. Bottom line is bodyweight exercises kick ass and can help you take it to the next level. Here are our top 5 bodyweight exercises on the planet.


#5 Sprints

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Sprints are one of the best exercises you can do, period. They work the entire body, increase athleticism and help you shed fat way faster than regular old jogging. Haven’t you noticed that all of the track and field sprinters have great bodies, low bodyfat and muscle to boot?  Try doing sprints up hill to take it to the next level and burn fat even faster.

#4 Pull Ups

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Nothing like pulling up your own bodyweight to add some muscle and strength to your body. Pull ups work the back, biceps, shoulders and abs. You can also do them palm facing you although that is technically  called a chin up. Alos try moving your grip wider or narrower to change it up and hit the back differently. If you are unable to do a chin up or can only do a couple then here is a good article on how to improve your chin up.

#3 Squat

Best bodyweight exercises

Squats are the kings of lower body exercises. They are great for the quads, hamstrings and the butt. Bodyweight squats will build muscle, increase mobility, increase strength, and they can also be great cardio when performed at a high intensity or as part of a circuit/conditioning, not to mention they can do some kick ass fat burning. There isn’t much not to love about squats so please don’t skip the squats.

#2 Push Ups


Push ups work the chest, triceps, abs, shoulders and lats. There are many variations you can use to mix thing up such as doing them with your feet elevated, hands closer together or further apart, with your knees on the ground and much more. This one is the king of upper body bodyweight exercises.


#1 Burpees


Burpees….yeah, they suck to do, there is no denying that. They are a great exercise though that works the entire body and is excellent cardio. They increase athleticism, endurance, speed, agailiy, strength and flexibility. That’s right, those sucky ass burpees are actually very useful. I guess that means you guys will start to love them now, right?



There you have the top 5 bodyweight exercises. If you hit up all 5 of these exercises twice a week and hit them hard then you will be well on your way to having a great body without even having a gym membership. Enjoy!

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