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The Top 5 Crossfit Exercises That Suck To Do

This top 5 is about those exercises that make you say “Son of a b!+@#, not those again!” These are the ones that make your muscles and lungs burn, cause physical pain or just have you hating life while you are doing them. Don’t let the title confuse you, this top 5 is not about Crossfit exercises that just suck i.e. the are bad exercises. That award would easily go to the kipping pull up, no point in even making a top 5 on that. This is about those one’s you just hate to do for whatever reason.

Here are the top 5 Crossfit exercises that suck to do:


5. Box Jumps

Box jumps only suck moderately to actually do. It’s when you get a bit on the tired side and miss the jump and have a wipe out or your shins end up getting scraped to shit which really sucks and hurts like hell.

Box Jumps



4. Double Unders

Don’t get me wrong, double unders don’t suck that bad if you can do them. The problem is most people can’t do them very well and they end up feeling like they have been getting cracked with a bull whip for 5 minutes straight. Not to mention the fact that some ladies might have a little trouble “holding it in” when it comes to double unders as well.

Crossfit exercises that suck

Double Unders










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3. Wall Balls

Yeah, they suck. Your legs and shoulder burn as you are huffing and puffing and then you occasionally get whacked in the face with a med ball if you happen to not catch it adding extra insult. Don’t get me wrong, they are good conditioning but doing them totally sucks.

Wall balls



2. Burpees

Hard to believe burpees aren’t in first place isn’t it? They totally suck, without question. The funny part is it is such a simple exercise really, basically all you do is lay face face down on the floor and get up repeatedly. So simple yet oh so sucky. Most anyone who can exercise can do one of these dastardly things too so no one is immune. If you really want to have fun try doing them HIIT or Tabata style, or worse yet do the dreaded 100 burpees for time. I think I would rather fight an angry mama grizzly bear personally.

Burpees suck meme



1. Thrusters

What could suck worse then burpees? Thrusters of course! Nothing better than having your legs and shoulder feeling like they are filled with hot lava. Thrusters are like some kind of twisted devil’s play toy that makes people beg for mercy and wish they were never born. If you have ever been unlucky enough to have burpees and thrusters in the same WOD like Kalsu then you may truly know what hell on earth is. You will probably also have noticed during that WOD that the thrusters sucked worse than the burpees did. That’s why the thrusters earned the top spot on this list.

Crossfit thrusters


Pretty much all exercise is good for you, some exercises are not fun to do though and some just suck. These are the top 5 Crossfit exercises that suck to do. We had different reasoning for choosing some of these but they all suck in their own way. If you are one of those sickos who loves to torture themselves feel free to have at it with any or all of these.


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