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Testogen Review: One of the Best Test Boosters Out There


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Maybe you have gotten a bit older and things aren’t working like they used too. You have gained a few pounds, lost some muscle and energy and maybe you aren’t even the stallion you once were in the bedroom. Well, then you have come to the right place because a good testosterone booster can help you with all of those things and this one is good.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the more popular testosterone boosters on the market with Testogen.

This is one you may have seen before if you click around on the internet looking for testosterone boosters and has a pretty good reputation as being one of the better ones out there.

Let’s take a look at what it is made of and see how it works.

Testogen Ingredients

When it comes to any supplement the most important thing is the ingredients, of course. Let’s check it out and see what Testogen is made of.

D-Aspartic Acid – This is an essential amino acid. In the brain, this amino acid aids in the release of many hormones including luteinizing hormone which regulates the testes along with follicle stimulating hormones and perhaps most importantly of all, growth hormone which helps build muscle. Studies have also shown it to do well at removing rate limits of testosterone production so your body will produce more.

Fenugreek – This is an herb that comes from Southeast Asian curries. This study shows Fenugreek raised testosterone levels by up to 46%. It is also a solid libido and helps improve sperm count.

Ginseng – You have probably seen ginseng in many things because it has many benefits. Studies have shown that one of the benefits of ginseng is increased testosterone and cell production.

Selenium – Selenium makes many important processes in the body work properly and helps to increase the effect of antioxidants, essential for optimal health by eliminating toxins from your body. It can also lower your blood pressure, if it is on the high side.

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient is an herb that is used in Asian medicine. It contains steroidal saponin which has been shown to have testosterone boosting qualities and also build muscle and reproductive tissue.

Vitamin B2,5,6 – This vitamin increases energy levels and also increases serotonin in the brains to give you a feel-good vibe.

Zinc Gluconate – Zinc is one of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients and most any test booster that is worth anything has it. Studies have shown that zinc supplementation can significantly increase testosterone levels and that restricting zinc intake can lower testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3 – We get Vitamin D from the sun, the problem is many of us don’t get enough. Studies have shown that Vitamin D helps aid in the release of testosterone.



For Testogen you are supposed to take 4 pills per day and spread them throughout the day which is the right way to do it. It is best to do 3-4 dosings per day so that your testosterone levels don’t drop in between doses.The dosing for Testogen is right on.



As we are writing this the price on Testogen $54.95 which isn’t bad at all for a high-quality test booster. You can get a better deal if you buy in bulk too like buy 2 bottles and get one free or buy 3 and 2 free along with a free e-book.


Any Negatives?

There isn’t much negative to say about Testogen but one thing we don’t like is that it isn’t available in stores or even on Amazon. The only place to get Testogen is on their official website.

Another negative is that they don’t use magnesium which is an ingredient we really like but it is still an awesome product.


Testogen Overall Analysis

Overall Testogen is definitely a great buy especially for the fact that it is pretty reasonably priced. It is loaded with effective ingredients all in average or above average doses. We like that they feature D Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek and  They also have you at 4 doses per day which is the right way to do it to keep your testosterone levels from dropping between doses.

Some testosterone boosters are geared toward building muscle and others are geared toward sexual performance and virility. Testogen is one of those that is pretty good at both of those things which is another reason we like it so much.

Grade = A


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