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HGH Elite Series By Crazymass – Complete Review

Ok folks, time to take a look at HGH Elite from Crazymass.

This supplement is meant to boost HGH levels to help you build muscle and burn fat even faster than before.

We did a review on D-Anaoxn which is also made by Crazymass and it didn’t fare well at all, in fact, it was pitiful. Hopefully, this product is better made than that one was.

We already have our review up of the best HGH supplements for building muscle, if this one fares well we may have to add it to the list.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see what we have.

HGH Elite Series

HGH Elite Series Ingredients

Looking on their website and the ingredients are nowhere to be found. That seems to be how it is with all of their products and it is a huge red flag.

If the ingredients were any good they would be telling you what they were and bragging about them. When they don’t tell you what they are and they don’t even list them anywhere on the website it usually means they are trying to hide something. In our experience, if they are hiding the ingredients it’s a bad product and they know it.

While the ingredients are nowhere to be found on their website we were able to find them online. Here are the active ingredients.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract 25mg – Deer antler is one of our favorite ingredients for boosting HGH levels. Deer antler is loaded with IGF-1, this is important because IGF-1 stimulates the production of HGH in the body. This product is way underdosed at just 25mg per serving. 500mg of deer antler is recommended for boosting HGH levels. so 25mg is about 5% of the recommended about, not gonna get the job done. Underdosing seems to be a common problem with the CrazyMass supplements, they are all very underdosed.

Whole Pituitary Gland 25mg – Taking pituitary gland is thought to help boost HGH production but this product is underdosed again with 80mg being the recommended dosage.

L-Ornithine 100mg – This ingredient is an amino acid that has been shown to help reduce stress and promote sleep. This is important because most HGH is produced when we sleep. This ingredient is again underdosed using just 100mg when around 400mg is recommended.

L-Arginine 100mg – This one is another amino acid that allows for better blood flow to the muscles to help promote growth. 100mg is not enough to be effective though. Underdosed again.

L-Lysine 100mg – Lysine is an amino acid that helps with muscle growth. This ingredient is also, not surprisingly, underdosed.

There you have the five active ingredients, not the worst ingredients themselves but they are all pretty underdosed to the point where this product won’t be effective. The most important ingredient on the list is deer antler velvet extract and that one is dosed at 5% of what it should be.

We also wish they had used GABA, it is our favorite HGH boosting ingredient that really gives your HGH production a nice boost.


The price on HGH Elite is $59.99 but they do have deals where you can get it cheaper when you buy more like buy 2 and get 1 free.This price is about average for the HGH boosting supplement market.


This dosage says to take two tablets once a day. They should go with at least 2 doses per day though so your HGH levels don’t drop back down in between doses. 3-4 doses are recommended to keep the HGH levels high and not let them drop back down.


At first, it looks like the reviews for this look to be all positive BUT then you notice the reviews are on websites that are set up by the company to give its products good reviews. One of the sites was even called, it was just a site full of positive reviews for Crazymass products. I am no Sherlock Holmes but I have a feeling that site is run by Crazymass.There are a few other sites out there just like too that do nothing but say how great Crazymass products are.

The only review I found that seemed even remotely independent gave it a positive review even though in the review they said they didn’t know what the ingredients were since the Crazymass website doesn’t tell you the ingredients. How you could give any kind of a review without knowing the ingredients is beyond me but whatever.

HGH Elite Series Overall Analysis

Overall this product is pretty sub par. While the ingredients are decent they are way underdosed so the chance of you having any increase in the amount of HGH in your body is basically zero. We like deer antler a lot but they really underdosed it to the point that it won’t do anything.

Of all the HGH supplements out there you would be much better off going with one from our list of the best muscle building HGH supplements on the market. All of these have proven ingredients in strong doses and they will work.

If HGH Elite will step it’s game up and increase the ingredients to correct levels then they might make the list but as it stands this product is a total dud.

It seems like they are just trying to underdose people on purpose, this way the product is cheaper to make and they make more money selling an inferior product. Not a good business strategy for the long term.

Grade for HGH Elite Series = D-


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