Pin It Exposed for Extreme Plagiarism

Their Facebook page is huge, one of the bigger fitness pages out there. While they share mostly videos on their page they also will occasionally share and article from their website.

The other day they shared an article and when we clicked on it we noticed it was an article we had seen before on another site. It was supposedly written by a guy called “Razor”.

We had to take a look and see if it was that posted it first or if it was the other site. It turns out it was the other site.

Plagiarism is a major pet peeve of ours so to help our OCD and let people know we figured they should be called out for it.

We decided we would take a look and see if this was just a one-time thing or if it was a more common occurrence that they regularly do., Are Their Last 10 Articles Plagiarized?

We decided we would take a look and see if their plagiarism was just a one time thing or a more common occurrence. We decided to look at their last 10 articles:

Article 1 – Brad Castleberry the Most Hated Man in Fitness.

On April 17th, they posted this article on Brad Castleberry. Quick research and we found that one day earlier The Athletic Build had posted Brad Castleberry the Most Hated Man in Fitness.

The article had was an exact copy of the article from The Athletic Build, even the pictures were the same. We reached out to The Athletic Build and they said they were aware of the plagiarism and that there was no permission given for Extreme Fitness Lifestyle to use the article which is a common practice.

Article 2 – Best Legal Dianabol Alternatives: Top 2 Safe Dbol Pills For Sale

This article is a copy from 2 articles on The opening paragraph is from this article and the rest is a copy and paste from their article Best Legal Dianabol Alternatives: Top 3 Safe Dbol Pills For Sale. They did change the second product in the article to be one of the products they are pushing which is the junky and ineffective Testobal. They kept the wording about the product the same even though it is a completely different product. Laziness at its finest. They also did not give permission for the use of the article.


Article 3 – The Best Muscle-Building Tips From Dwayne “The Rock “Johnson

It didn’t take long to figure out that the copied this one directly from Fitness & Power. Here is the original article before they copied and pasted away, The only thing they did was change the name of the article.

Article 4 – How Long it Takes to Build Muscle – It Depends on You

This article was posted by ExtremeFitnessLifesyle on March 27th but it was originally posted at here. Yet again copied word for word.

Article 5 – The Most Effective Shoulder Exercises

With this article, the author “Razor” really outdid himself with this article he posted copying the entire article from ezine articles word for word, an article they did in 2010… Well done “Razor”, well done.

Article 6 – Steroids, Why You Should Never Take the Stuff

This one they posted on March 26th here. But it was originally posted on this site here –

Article 7 – 5 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

For this article, they posted on March 26th (they were busy that day using the copy and paste functions). It originally appeared here –

copy and paste meme

Article 8 – Is Sergi Constance Natural or on Steroids?

This hard-hitting piece of journalism they published on February 21. 2017. It was originally posted in October of 2016. Here is the original

Article 9 – Anavar: Pros and Cons of Using “the Safest” Steroid Out There

This is yet another they copied word for word. They posted it here on Feb 21st but it first appeared on here. This makes the second article they have copied from Broscience. Apparently “Razor” is quite fond of the Broscience writing style.

Article 10 -Obese Arizona Man Drops More Than 300lbs on the Walmart Diet

Thank god this is the last one. This article was published by “Razor” and friends on Jan 16th of 2017 here. This one they stole from You can see they published it first here about 4 months earlier.



There you have 10 straight copy and pastes from other websites, not even changing the words or pictures trying to hide it. They just copy and paste away.

I would imagine their entire website is nothing but copy and pastes which makes me wonder how they get any traffic from google, they do somehow though, not a lot of traffic but they do get some.

Will being exposed for being nothing but a copy and paste site make them start writing their own materiel? Highly doubtful.

The site looks like it is just a shell to sell supplements and is likely actually run by the supplement company Nutribal that sells those steroid alternative supplements that don’t work and are really just protein and BCAA’s.

Whatever they have to do to sell product I guess.


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