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Boost Your Will Power: Follow This Easy Tip

Willpower is a funny thing. It can push ordinary people to do great things.Willpower can be the tool to accomplishing the most difficult goals and achieving your dreams.

Where in the heck does it go when there’s a potluck at the office?!  Why does willpower seem like it left the building quicker than Elvis while we’re standing in the checkout lane staring at the convenience snacks and salivating?
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Laser-like focus and willpower got you through college, that promotion, starting a new business, and parenting; but put it to the test with Mrs. So-and-so’s signature brownies and it crumbles faster than the bites you know you shouldn’t take.
Here’s the thing.  You get what you focus on.  Your reasons for your food choices and your fitness regimen MUST be stronger than your reason for instant gratification.  If you find yourself frequently skipping workouts, caving into the many temptations of the naughty foods world, and constantly disappointed by your lack of results, it’s time to do some soul searching.  Dig deeper and WRITE DOWN your top 3 reasons for working out, eating clean, and wanting to improve your health.  Next, ask yourself WHY. Why do you have these reasons? How will they make you feel? What will they change for you in your day-to-day life and your future? When we dig deep and ask ourselves the tough questions, we find our strength.
Writing it down makes it real and changes your focus and will power. I know it sounds pretty corny, I used to think so myself but it really does work. Writing it down has an effect on you that works. Just simply saying it to yourself or trying to memorize these things does not have the same effect. Write them down with pen and paper, then either keep it on you or put it somewhere where you will see. Make it a part of you and you will be surprised.
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