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5 Best Exercises for Huge Traps

If you want to look like a pure badass then having an impressive set of traps would be a great place to start. Traps give you a strong looking physique that says you have put time in at the gym.

Any skinny 17-year old can have abs, that’s really not that impressive. Traps on the other hand are earned. They are one of those body-parts that separate the men from the boys when it comes to their physique. Traps, legs and back are a man’s game. So if you want a thick set of traps that will make you look like a beast and will intimidate the weaklings follow the 5 best exercises for huge traps.


5 Best Exercises for Huge Traps

Here we go, if you want thick traps that command respect here are the exercises for you.


5 Power Cleans


Power cleans are an awesome whole body exercise that really hits the back and traps hard. If you really want to take it to the next level, try hang cleans. With the hang clean you must squeeze your upper-back by pulling your scapula down and back with the mid-traps and rhomboid area. The shrug motion is also needed to accomplish full extension during the lift. The fast and heavy nature of the lift will definitely hammer every muscle fiber in the upper-back. Make sure to do this first in the routine when energy stores are high, as it will take a lot out of you.


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4 Face Pulls


This is one most of you probably won’t think of but these can be a really badass trap workout. Be sure to hold and squeeze this one to really hit the traps hard.  Face pulls are a shoulder saver, posture builder and upper-back muscle builder all in one.


3 Farmers Carry


Farmers carries are one of the best and most underrated and underused exercises there are. It’s really a shame more guys don’t use these, but a big problem is many gyms don’t have room for you to be walking all over carrying a couple hundred pounds. Farmers carries  are great for building grip strength, core strength and build muscle, lots of it, especially in the upper back area.


2 Deadlifts


Deadlifts are another great whole body exercise. One could argue that deadlifts are the best weightlifting exercise there is. They really hit the back hard and give the traps a hell of a workout especially doing heavy deadlifts.


1 Shrugs

Best trap exercises

Shrugs are definitely the go to exercise when it comes to building massive traps. I prefer doing shrugs with the trap bar or using dumbbells though rather than the straight bar. The straight bar doesn’t allow for as good of a range of motion and you can see a lot of meatheads load up way too much weight on the bar and use dog crap form.

When you are doing shrugs make sure you use a full range of motion and squeeze at the top. Don’t let your ego get the best of you on this exercise like many guys do. Do it right for the best results.


There you have it. Five great exercises to get you the mountainous traps you have been looking for. I can’t stress using good form enough on these exercises. Put the work in and your traps will grow.



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